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Childrens Dentist Near Me in Engadine

children dentistry

At All About Dental, we pride ourselves on offering children’s dental care in a professional, friendly, and warm environment. Our dentists are certified dental specialists who go above and beyond to ensure children feel comfortable during any procedure.

We offer paediatric dental services, ranging from preventative care to complex dental treatments. During your visit, our children’s dentists will do a thorough examination and suggest the best treatment to improve the overall oral health of your child.

Why Choose Us

The All About Dental team wants to be there for every dental milestone and offer flexible scheduling to accommodate your family’s needs. We would be happy to offer your busy family flexible hours grouped together.

We want your trips to the local children’s dentist to be as effortless and smooth as possible. Our dentists have years of experience in children’s dentistry, so rest assured, you and your family will get the best care possible.

Here are some of the reasons why you should choose us.

Dental Service One

Committed Dental Team

Our clinical and administrative team is second to none. Each member is highly trained, experienced, friendly and will make your visits run quickly and effectively.

Dnetal Service Two

Modern Equipment

We have close attention to detail and invest heavily in our equipment when it comes to our work. We want to provide the best possible treatment for all patients.

Dental Service Three

High Standard of Dentistry

At All About Dental, we ensure every procedure goes smoothly and is performed to the highest standard under the most current dentistry knowledge.

Our Children Dentistry Services

We provide various children’s dentistry services to meet multiple needs. So, whether you want to schedule your child’s first dental appointment, orthodontics for teens, or regular cleanings, you can count on us. Our goal is to bring your child on the right path toward healthy teeth and a beautiful smile.

Frequently Asked Questions

At around six months old, your child will start to cut their first teeth. We recommend parents bring their children in either by the age of one or six months after getting their first tooth. If your child experiences pain or discomfort, you can book an appointment sooner to find out if there is something wrong besides typical teething discomfort.

An appointment with our children’s dentist usually lasts one hour. However, the appointment’s length can vary based on the child’s needs and how cooperative they are. We will do our best to ensure a timely appointment when you bring your child to our practice.

Your child should visit our dental office as frequently as you do. Our children’s dentist recommends a checkup and cleaning every six months unless your toddler or teen has other symptoms. If your child has a jaw or toothache, we recommend booking an appointment before the six-month check-up so that we can address any potential issues as quickly as possible.

Protect your child’s smile.