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Emergency Dental Near Me in Engadine

Dental Emergency

Top-Rated Emergency Dentist

When you require urgent dental attention, you want a team with plenty of experience and knowledge.

At All About Dental, we have a qualified and experienced emergency dentist who can do a thorough inspection of your teeth and gums, determine the issue, and provide appropriate treatment. So, rest assured that you can count on our dentist in Engadine anytime a dental problem arises.

Same-Day Appointment with Our Emergency Dentist

Our dental clinic features top-of-the-line equipment and tools to offer the best care possible for our patients when they have dental emergencies. In addition, we keep up with the latest procedures and treatments in the industry to ensure every patient has a positive experience.

We have emergency appointment spots everyday for patients with same-day dental emergency that cannot wait. Here are some of the dental emergencies we handle on an everyday basis.

Dental Service One


Having a toothache is a common problem. If you notice swelling in your mouth, apply a cold compress to the outside of the cheek, and call us as soon as you can.

Dnetal Service Two

Broken Teeth

Broken teeth should be looked at by a dental professional as soon as possible. If possible, save any tooth parts you can find, and call All About Dental.

Dental Service Three

Loose Bands and Brackets

If you can, try to reattach braces temporarily with orthodontic wax. Place wax over the braces to provide a cushion and lessen the discomfort until you come in.

Why Should You Choose Our Emergency Dentist?

At All About Dental, we provide the best service that suits your requirements, needs, and budget. We don’t rush and instead take time to check and treat your dental emergency in the right way by using the best equipment. Our emergency dentist takes a complete step-by-step approach to provide you with the best treatment that is not only cost-effective but durable and comfortable.

Our team strives to provide the best quality service and satisfaction to all patients, from children to seniors. With our immense experience in the dentist industry, rest assured we can treat various dental problems and complications.

Our Emergency Dental Clinic and Dental Services

You can count on All About Dental to handle your urgent dental needs and restore your smile as fast as possible. Book your appointment today, and rest easy knowing you are in the hands of knowledgeable professionals who will guide you on the journey to healthy and beautiful teeth. If you experience a dental emergency, contact our emergency dentist at (02) 9520 9031, and we’ll bring you in for a quick appointment.

Accidents can lead to chipped teeth, tooth pain, and other dental emergencies that require immediate care. Whatever your dental emergency is, we have the knowledge and equipment to handle it. We will address the problem, repair what we can, and provide relief for tooth discomfort and pain.

You can trust our team of dental experts to provide you with the empathetic and diligent care you and your teeth deserve. Schedule an appointment today.

Don’t wait for your tooth pain to worsen – schedule an appointment.