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How To Know If You Need a Root Canal?

root canal treatment

If you’ve recently been experiencing an extreme toothache, it can be a symptom of a root canal infection. However, the problem is these physical root canal symptoms are not noticeable until the condition gets worse. 

That is why it’s necessary to see your dentist regularly. They can identify the earliest root canal symptoms and provide treatment to stop tooth decay. But if you suspect a root canal infection, we’ll tell you the root canal symptoms you must remember.

But first, what is a Root Canal? 

A root canal, also known as root canal therapy, is an endodontic treatment carried out by a dentist or endodontist to remove the infected pulp and clean the root canal. While many people believe that a root canal may be a painful procedure, it helps to relieve extreme pain caused by the infected root canal. 

When the dentist removes your decay, the next step will be filling the space and placing a dental crown to protect your tooth. The only root canal treatment alternative is tooth extraction, as the infection might spread to other parts of your body. 

Symptoms of Root Canal

If you are encountering one or more of the subsequent root canal symptoms, you need to visit your dentist: 

  1. Persistent Pain in the Tooth 

It is impossible to eliminate the intense feeling and persistent toothache that are the most common root canal symptoms, even with painkillers. 

Intense pain or discomfort does not always indicate that a patient needs root canal therapy. Sometimes the tooth that needs surgery doesn’t even ache. But you should visit your dentist as soon as possible if you’re finding it difficult to carry out everyday tasks like drinking or eating without experiencing pain.

  1. Sensitivity to Hot and Cold

Another common root canal symptom is extreme tooth sensitivity. Sensitivity occurs when the tooth’s blood vessels and nerve endings are damaged. 

When you have an infected root canal, eating hot food or drinking hot beverages can start a dull ache that may get worse as time passes. In addition, you can also experience prolonged sensitivity when consuming cold foods and drinks. 

  1. Swollen or Tender Gums 

Red, swollen, or tender gums can also be a symptom of root canal infection. Your gums surrounding the tooth may swell if there is a dental abscess or pus inside the tooth. However, swollen gums don’t always indicate a tooth infection. There are times when gums may also swell due to poor dental hygiene or periodontal disease. 

  1. Gum Boils

Gum boils, also known as the fistulous tracts, are the pus drains. When the infection or pus doesn’t penetrate the soft tissue, it can accumulate in these drains outside the tooth. So, if you notice any gum boils around one or more teeth, it can also indicate that you need a root canal. 

  1. Discolouration of Tooth 

While it’s normal for a tooth to get discoloured with age, if you’ve noticed sudden tooth discolouration, it can indicate an infected tooth. Sudden and dark discolouration of the tooth means a problem within the nerve space. 

So, if you notice these root canal symptoms, you need to visit your dentist ASAP! 

Root Canal Treatment in Engadine, NSW, Australia

At All About Dental, we offer a wide range of high-quality dental services, including root canal treatment in Engadine, NSW, Australia. If you feel that you have a root canal infection or notice any of the symptoms mentioned earlier, you should contact our skilled dentists. 

Contact us today to get more information about our services, or schedule your appointment for the best treatment.

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