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Wisdom Teeth Removal Near Me in Engadine

Wisdom Teeth Removal Symptoms

Wisdom Tooth Extraction Services

Wisdom teeth don’t always grow properly or align with the rest of your teeth. The possible reasons they don’t grow through the gum line are lack of space, misalignment, or proximity of other adjacent teeth.

Whatever the reason is, if your wisdom teeth are significantly misaligned, our dentist may suggest wisdom teeth removal. At All About Dental we keep the procedure quick and simple to ensure a positive experience for all patients.

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The Wisdom Teeth Removal Process

Wisdom teeth erupt between the ages of 17 and 28. During this period, the other teeth are already in place. If there isn’t room for wisdom teeth to grow, they add pressure to your gums.

Having a wisdom teeth removal procedure is the only solution to your problem. It will relieve the pressure, ease the pain, and prevent common dental issues associated with impacted teeth.

Here is what to expect from the wisdom teeth removal procedure at All About Dental.

Dental Service One


Before starting with extraction, our dentists will take a good look at your gums and jaw. We will take x-rays to examine how your teeth are coming in.

Dnetal Service Two

The Removal Process

Our staff will prepare you for the procedure and explain what to expect during the process. We will administer sedation, local freezing, or anaesthesia for the procedure.

Dental Service Three


You will need a ride home after your procedure. We will provide you with aftercare instructions and helpful tips to ensure a fast and comfortable recovery.

Signs to Consider Wisdom Teeth Removal

At All About Dental, we understand that removing teeth isn’t a pleasant experience. However, sometimes it is necessary. If you have tooth decay, suffer from an infection on your wisdom tooth, have an existing cyst, or can’t keep the wisdom teeth clean, we suggest booking wisdom teeth removal at our clinic. We pride ourselves on providing a team of knowledgeable and caring professionals who will ensure you have a stress-free dental experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

After the procedure, our dentist or oral surgeon will provide clear instructions regarding aftercare and diet. In most cases, it is safe to eat soft foods, such as jello, mashed potatoes, and soup. You will want to avoid hard, spicy, and chewy foods. You will also want to avoid sucking through a straw.

Most patients recover within three-four days after the procedure. If more teeth are impacted, or the procedure requires stitches, this will be longer. We will manage your expectations before and after your extraction for a more specific estimated healing time.

Some patients never have issues with their wisdom teeth, while others may encounter infections, gum tissue irritation, teeth overcrowding, and jaw pain. Always follow the advice of your dentist on whether or not wisdom teeth removal is right in your situation.

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