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All About Dental in Engadine provides the finest dental care in Engadine. We want what is best for our patient’s oral health. That is why we have a team of professionals ready to help with your general and cosmetic dental needs

Our dentists in Engadine are part of the Australian Dental Association, and we pride ourselves on offering quality care to all patients. We know how important it is to have a healthy and beautiful smile.

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All About Dental are trusted dentists in Engadine, helping residents maintain good oral and dental health.

We make booking an appointment quick and straightforward. Call our office at (02) 9520 9031 or visit our Contact Us page and fill out the form provided. One of our team members will reply to your request as soon as possible.

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Reasons to Choose All About Dental Dentist in Engadine

Our dentists in Engadine are continuously working hard to give exceptional dental care and is continuously expanding our education so our staff can consistently deliver the safest and most effective treatments.

We have the knowledge and experience to ensure that our patients are satisfied with their procedures and treatments. Finding tailored orthodontic solutions in your area doesn’t have to be challenging.

Reach out to All About Dental today to schedule an Invisalign consultation and see if bracket-free dental correction is right for you. Check our gallery.

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Our dentists in Engadine have extensive knowledge in the field of dentistry. In addition to being a proud member of the Australian Dental Association, we work hard to keep up with the newest dental practices and equipment.

Dnetal Service Two

Professionalism and Comfort

We know that going to the dentist can be stressful for some patients. That is why our doctors take the time to listen to your concerns and anxieties and offer solutions to help you remain calm and comfortable.

Dental Service Three

Emergency Dentistry

All About Dental knows that sometimes dental emergencies happen and can cause extreme pain. Toothaches, gum pain, or a cracked tooth can happen unexpectedly, and you should seek treatment as soon as possible.

Our Dental Services

Teeth Whitening

Your smile is often the first thing people notice about you, so help it look its best. Our dentist in Engadine provides safe teeth whitening for quality results.


Orthodontics such as braces and aligners not only enhance the look of your smile but can also improve the function of your teeth by resolving overcrowding.

Children’s Dentistry

Routine dental appointments for your children give them the best chance at a lifetime of healthy teeth and gums. Our skilled dentists handle children's dentistry needs.

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Whether you are looking for regular teeth cleaning, want to discuss your cosmetic dentistry options, or require emergency services, contact All About Dental today to speak with our friendly team and we will discuss any questions or concerns about your dental health and get you started down the path to a beautiful, healthy smile.

All About Dental Provides Dental Care You Can Rely On

Frequently Asked Questions

Our dentists in Engadine recommend visiting the dentists at least every six months. Regular cleanings and checkups aid in identifying any potential oral health issues, allowing us to treat them before they become serious. Of course, if you require treatment for teeth or mouth concerns, your dentist may want to see you for additional treatment appointments.
The dentists will give you a thorough oral examination during a routine cleaning and checkup. They will check for things like gingivitis and cavities. In addition, we may take an X-ray of your mouth to get a better look at your teeth’s underlying bone and condition during this time.

If your gums are bleeding when you brush your teeth, this can be a sign that there is a buildup of plaque. When there is this excess buildup, you are more susceptible to bacteria growth, causing inflammation of the gums. When this inflammation occurs, your gums become swollen, increasing the chances of bleeding.


Regular checkups, brushing, and flossing are essential steps to prevent bacteria from growing and causing gum issues.

Maintaining a healthy and bright smile not only aids in confidence but also contributes to an overall healthy lifestyle. Our dentist in Engadine recommends brushing your teeth with a soft-bristle toothbrush and with fluoride toothpaste, as well as flossing twice a day. These behaviours help achieve healthy oral habits.