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Tooth Coloured Fillings Engadine

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Dental Fillings to Match Your Teeth

Does the presence of prominent and unsightly cavity fillings make you feel ashamed about the appearance of your smile? At All About Dental, we offer tooth-coloured dental fillings to patients to restore their teeth’s natural appearance and provide them with a beautiful and natural look.

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Why Choose Us for Your Dental Fillings

Most dental patients will have had a cavity at some point. When you come to All About Dental to restore a tooth, our dentist will clean out the decayed parts and fill the cavity with a tooth-coloured material for a more aesthetically pleasing appearance.

At our practice, tooth-coloured dental fillings have become increasingly popular. They consist of composite resins, silica fillers, and porcelains. Our composite dental fillings allow you to have a metal-free and natural-looking smile.

Here are other reasons why patients choose us for dental fillings:

Dental Service One

Gentle Care

At all about dental, we invest in advanced technology and go the extra mile to ensure your comfort. Each dentist in our team is professional, kind, and reliable.

Dnetal Service Two

Modern Office

Our dental clinic features modern and comforting offices. We also use the latest equipment and tools to ensure every visit is pleasant and comfortable.

Dental Service Three

Accepting New Patients

We are kindly welcoming new patients to our dental practice. If you’re looking for a dentist, you can request an appointment online or give us a call.

Benefits of Tooth-Coloured Dental Fillings

One of the most apparent advantages of getting tooth-coloured dental fillings is improved appearance. People with traditional metallic fillings choose to replace them with composite fillings for aesthetic purposes. These fillings match the patient’s natural tooth colour, chemically bond to the tooth structure, and ensure strong support.


Besides repairing cavities, composite dental fillings are suitable for repairing broken or chipped teeth. They also require the dentist to remove less structure from the natural tooth and last between five and ten years.

Frequently Asked Questions

The composite material in tooth-coloured fillings causes no sensitivity. In the beginning, you may feel sensations of sensitivity when having hot or cold drinks, but that’s normal. In general, composite fillings don’t cause additional sensitivity.

With adequate dental care, your composite dental fillings should remain tooth-coloured for a long time. Most fillers are within the mouth on the top of the tooth’s side, so you shouldn’t notice any colour or structure changes.

You shouldn’t notice any major changes. After the procedure, you should be able to eat and drink without discomfort, although we recommend waiting a few hours to allow the filling to settle in.

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